Price Match

Price Match Policy

We would like to reframe the idea of price matching as “service matching”. At we are confident that our prices are fair and in line with the overall market. We strongly believe that we offer a great deal of extra value and that our level of service is difficult to match.

Please consider the following facts.

  1. Product Knowledge - is a specialty coffee store, we are not a fulfillment centre or a warehouse. Our staff are familiar with the products that we sell and can offer pre-sale advice and post-sale support which big box stores and fulfillment centres simply do not offer.
  2. Technical Support and Warranty Service - We are an authorized service provider for the vast majority of products that we sell and our service is done in house.
  3. VIM Service - Most of our brands have our Very Important Machine service. In the case of a warranty claim we pay for the shipping of your item both ways.
  4. Longer warranties - For many of the products that we sell we offer a warranty that is longer than our competitors and longer than the manufacturer.
  5. has an industry leading return policy. Our satisfaction guarantee allows you 14 days from the day of delivery to return most products and we pay for the return shipping. This is not matched by the majority of vendors in the specialty coffee space.
  6. Loyalty Program - Our Club loyalty program offers additional value. Essentially you get 3% of your purchase amount in the form of points that are good for future purchases. You can use this for anything in the store but popular redemptions are for accessories or coffee after purchasing an espresso machine.
  7. Independent and Canadian - Small business is the lifeblood of our economy. is an independently owned and entirely Canadian company.

For these reasons we do not offer a price match guarantee.

Please click on the individual programs for full information.

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