As a courtesy to our customers we can provide parts for most of the brands of equipment that we sell.

To inquire about the availability or cost of parts please send an email to Please include the part number and description. Please note this is the only way parts will be sold, our sales staff is not trained to sell parts over the telephone.

The following terms apply to all parts sales

  1. All parts are sold through email we do not offer phone sales for parts.
  2. Parts cannot be returned or refunded. Parts will only be exchanged in the exceedingly rare case that they are damaged in transit or do not work upon arrival.
  3. sales or tech support will not provide any diagnosis or assistance in repairing your product. If you require repair service please visit our repairs page
  4. Please note that most parts are stored in bulk bins and may have some minor cosmetic imperfections. For external parts we make every effort to package items safely to prevent any imperfections (ie. a drip tray) but internal parts (ie. a vacuum breaker valve) are stored in bulk.
  5. We do not sell any parts for the following brands Jura, Capresso, Breville (internal parts).
  6. Parts do not qualify for any advertised sales.
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